Harry Potter AU: Herbology Professor Jonathan Toews

“Don’t you just absolutely adore how Professor Toews dresses.” sighed Padma happily in dinner.

“He wears threadbare denim trousers all the time, Padma.” Hermione frowned.

“Well, yes. That’s the point.”

“I do hope he wears a shirt on tomorrow’s Quidditch match.” Ron piped up, “Don’t want the Ravenclaw girls to start a riot.”

[ dedicated to @j19toews for the Jonny photos (specially this extra ridic Abercrombie &Fitch-ish shot, what even Toews) and  @prettypattykane / @peeksandhiscaptain who wants this 1988 HP professor AU. ]

Ohhh a 1988 AU where they are hogwarts professors I like it… PK is the arithmancy professor and Toews teaches herbology!

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