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Brock gets to his room door and without a thought he pulls out his room key, inserting it unconsciously into the lock, and finding it doesn’t work. He looks at the key a little closer noticing the number scrawled onto it.

He starts heading to the number marked on the key when he almost checks Auston into the elevator still looking down at the card.

“You got one too, huh?” Auston inquires.

“Yeah and I think I know what lock it fits. I think we’re being hunted by Jamie and Tyler,” Brock answers confidently. Auston blushes, ‘was that what Tyler whispered into Jamie’s ear a couple of nights ago?’ He ponders.

Words: 3356, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 27 of You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him

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Just when you though @froggiej and I forgot about this hunt!

You Bag Me, I’ll Tag You – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF, Sports RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin, Nikolaj Ehlers/Antoine Roussel, Alexander Radulov/OFC, Summer Rae/OFC
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Nikolaj Ehlers, Antoine Roussel, Alexander Radulov, Summer Rae, Jason Spezza, OFC x2
Additional Tags: surprise wedding, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Butt Plugs, Oral Sex, Shower Sex, Foreplay
Series: Part 21 of You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him

“Tyler, I still don’t understand why Raddy has to join us for running errands. What the fuck are we shopping for?” Jamie hounds Tyler as Tyler is driving through the outskirts of Dallas. Radulov knows where Tyler is taking them but isn’t going to tell Jamie since he’s sworn to secrecy. He just sits in the backseat, quietly smiling his usual toothless smile.

Sorry for the delay in this posting.  One of us has 3 WIPs and the other clicked out 6800+ words to comb though.

Anyhow, enjoy this wonderful break from the hunt for Bennguin to sort out a few personal matters.

You Bag Me, I’ll Tag You – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]



a little bird told me that the Bennguins were hunting a Roman from Smashville…

When playing Nashville, okay we’ll save the naughty joke… keep your eyes peeled it’s coming soon, pun intended of course