@NHLPA: Flossing, betrayal and Bird Box. Watch Vancouver teammates @bhutt10 and @bboeser16 battle it out on @budweisercanada Red Light One Timers. #cellyszn

When I first saw this I thought Brock was playing table tennis with Tito. Then I realized Baez would get jealous!


Coaches corner drinking game

Drink everytime:

-Don explains what’s on his tie

-Don says wait ta’go

-Don refers to someone as “boy”

(Extra points if he adds the players hometown e.i Kingston boy)

-Don does the piano thing with his hands

-they want to show a video so they ask brain how much time they have

-they don’t have time for the video so they explain what happens in the video

-Don yells

-Don tells you to “look at this here”

-Ron tells Don to hurry up cause they’re running out of time

-Don cuts Ron off while he’s talking

-when Ron mentions a player Don yells the players name

-Don abriviates words to the point that you can’t understand what he’s saying

Feel free to add to the list

And you’d be drunk by the end!