“What did you do this off-season?”

It’s important that everyone knows that Jakub and Andre has GOOD time together this summer.

Signed, Shipped, Delivered

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A few things crossed my mind…

Victor is in a hotel in Finland filming that for PR…

The baby habs are the new gallys

This is so ship material





This is a Very Important compilation.

I just realised that at 0:20, I’m pretty sure djoos is saying “I’m the one pedaling ALL the time” which is great because NOT ONLY does andre continue to annoy him with his camera – he also does not contribute at all.

“det är bara jag som trampar hela tin’” = “I’m the only one pedaling all the time”


Look I just couldn’t stand not adding the other ‘Djoo~oooos!’s that Andre’s warbled since the original post.

Burky flirts with Djoos!