In Honor of Pride Month

Reblog with the first gay movie(s) you fell in love with…  (These are going to so age me!)

Mine are…

Trick (1999)… Gabriel is a student trying to write the next big Broadway musical.  Will Mark become the trick that breaks his writers block.  The story of two boys in New York City desperately wishing for alone time.

The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000)- The trials and tribulations of a group of friends living in Los Angeles.  Is finding love in LA really a bunch of 10′s looking for an 11?  Or is it simply ok just to be gay and average?

Finally… Latter Days (2003) A Morman missionary is hiding a secret.  Does he revel his secret and seduce a waiter in LA?  He knows he risks ex-communication from the faith he holds so near and dear to his heart.