Jonny looks 19 and patrick is his DADDY


That fond look



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These fics made me fall deeper in love with this pairing at one point or the other, but I can’t give enough love and praise for all the fics I wasn’t able to fit in this. Read all the fics and drop a comment, girls and boys!

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Love this fan art and several of these fics are really good!


NEW FIC: GASOLINA | 7k, chapter 1 of 2

Patrick notices a person standing in front of the guardrail. The guy is standing with his back to him, broad shoulders filling out his jacket. He’s got a phone pressed to his ear. When he turns around Patrick has to blink a few times, because there’s no way that Jonathan Toews is standing on the side of the road with car trouble.

Or, the one where Patrick is a mechanic and Jonny is the environmentally conscious NHL player whose Tesla keeps breaking down.

I can’t wait to read this one!