Media: Can you believe Ovi is now the oldest player on the team?


*deadpan* Yeah, I can. *laughs* No, I just think it’s so cool that he got his own cereal.


Have you tried it?


No, I haven’t tried it. But I asked him if he could bring some, because my kids want some. So, hopefully I’ll get it for free.


Nick, going back to Ovi– oldest guy on the team you know.


*laughs* What’s that? Yeah, yeah.


Going back to him, speaking to him earlier, he said you guys had been together since day one. What does your friendship with him mean to you?


It means a lot. I mean, I think he, he’s been, he meant a lot for me, especially the first couple years. Took me under his wing… and then, when we got older, I took him under my wing. *smiles* No, it means a lot, he’s a great guy, he’s so funny, I think… there’s never a boring day around that guy. It’s just the way he is.


What did you say when you saw him after the bicycle accident?

Backstrom: *heavy sigh* The first thing I asked him, “did you wear a helmet?” He said, “yeah.” So… that’s Ovi. *laughs* Summer with Ovi.


Has anyone, has a player ever gotten him so bad as the bicycle accident got him?


No, I think that was the worst I’ve seen him. *laughs* He’s gotta be careful. He should maybe just stick to hockey, right?

Holy shit, Nick cannot stop smiling fondly and laughing while talking about Ovi for the a good chunk of his media day interview.

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Invading a Capital – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF, Sports RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin, Nicklas Backstrom/Alexander Ovechkin(Implied), Nicklas Backstrom/Andre Burakovsky, Nicklas Backstrom/Alexander Ovechkin/Andre Burakovsky(Implied), Andre Burakovsky/Alexander Ovechkin, Jamie Benn/Andre Burakovsky/Tyler Seguin
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Andre Burakovsky, Nicklas Backstrom, Alexander Ovechkin, Antoine Roussel
Additional Tags: Threesome – M/M/M, Dom/sub, Spanking, Whipping, Riding Crops, Double Penetration, Double Anal Penetration, Blow Jobs, Safe Sane and Consensual
Series: Part 18 of You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him

A package arrived by FedEx the day before the Stars were due to play the Capitals. Inside was a sloppily scrawled note and a small key. That’s all.

Will call when plane land. We arrive 1pm. Will explain key. -Ovi.

A simple two-sentence note, and a cryptic one at that.

“What’s this?” Jamie asked, picking up the key and giving it a once over. “Two small for much of anything.”

@penstotheend and I invite you to enjoy the 18th team to join the Bennguin hunt. There are some bonus parts coming up. There are hints leading into the next part Dallas.

Invading a Capital – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]