When your ex-bf invites you over for golf only to find out it isn’t at a country club




we’re getting the band back together but instead of the 2014 habs roster it’s max pacioretty as a golden knight playing against his former linemate brendan gallagher and his former goalie/habs youtube channel duel partner carey price while pk subban serves as commentator and sports analyst all throughout the vegas-montreal series

lest we forget that we already passed by Alex Galchenyuk and Nate Beaulieau along the way. because hockey gods I guess

So now the 2021 playoffs make sense

Canadiens Insta: Reblog with your 3

Mine are 4,6 and 9

4 and 9 because if you uncrop the photo Galchenyuk is there and 6 because the promo is epic. Full video of 6 below too.