[Hayden and Schmaltz walk in on Kane & Toews]

Toews: I’ll deal with Hayds. You take care of Schmaltzy.

Kane: But how do I make it look like an accident?

Toews: I’m not saying murder! Just talk to him, like a normal person!


“What are you looking at?”

Patrick jumped a little when Jonny’s arms wrapped around him from behind. He rested his head on Pat’s shoulder, peering down at the scrapbook on the kitchen island.

“Just that scrapbook the team made us when we got married.” Pat responded, leaning back against him. “There’s a whole page of polaroids of us.”

Jonny glanced over the page and gasped quietly. “Oh my God, look at that one.” He pointed to the only black and white one, when they were rookies, kissing in the hotel room. “That was so long ago.”

“We were so small!” Patrick laughed.

“Look at your stupid curls.”

“Hey! Well- look at your stupid face.”

“You’re kissing my stupid face. I’m pretty sure you initiated the kissing of my stupid face. You snuck into me and Seabs’s room at two in the morning to sleep by me, and Seabs caught us.”

Patrick hmph’ed, then crossed his arms. “Go get me ice cream. I’m hungry.”

“It’s not like you tried to stop me.” Patrick defended himself with a scoff. “You can’t deny me anything.”

It was Jonny’s turn to scoff. “That’s a load of bull.”

“What? No, that’s unhealthy, and I’m not your sla-”

Patrick turned in his husband’s arm and pouted up at him, arms still crossed. “Cookie dough, with extra dough chunks.”

Jonathan stared him down, eyes hard and stern, almost menacing. Then, he reached behind Patrick to grab his keys from the island.

“Pint or gallon?”


The only thing I can take from writing this is that Jonny can’t deny Pat anything because who could? So that’s that.

This is cute!

Breaking Bread


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“It’s only a 90-minute flight, so we jaunt over here on off-days when we can to cheer Artemi up. I’ve gotten into just keeping it in my suitcase.” Jonny says nonchalantly.

“Of course you do.” Jamie smirked. “And we thought we were doing something really special for Bread.”

“You are.” Patrick smiles. ““He’s been down lately. We haven’t seen him in over a month.”

Words: 5612, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 24 of You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him

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Alright “Hunt” fans… we promised we hadn’t abandoned the series.  Part 24 is now posted, Columbus.  It’s a 2 for 1 special with a second Kazer round.  

For Hawks fans, sorry to reopen a wound, but it was necessary.


Coaches corner drinking game

Drink everytime:

-Don explains what’s on his tie

-Don says wait ta’go

-Don refers to someone as “boy”

(Extra points if he adds the players hometown e.i Kingston boy)

-Don does the piano thing with his hands

-they want to show a video so they ask brain how much time they have

-they don’t have time for the video so they explain what happens in the video

-Don yells

-Don tells you to “look at this here”

-Ron tells Don to hurry up cause they’re running out of time

-Don cuts Ron off while he’s talking

-when Ron mentions a player Don yells the players name

-Don abriviates words to the point that you can’t understand what he’s saying

Feel free to add to the list

And you’d be drunk by the end!

Dominating a Hawk – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF, Sports RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin, Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin/Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews
Additional Tags: Dom/sub, Foursome – M/M/M/M, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Ass Play, St. Andrew’s Cross, Whipping, Butt Plugs, Butt Slapping
Series: Part 12 of You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him

Tyler’s flying high after a win in Chicago in the first of their away and home series with their Central Division rival. In the back of his mind, he was thinking that he would have liked to get Jamie’s ass in the sling with Toews there, but he’d take the win on the ice instead. Hockey before the hunt, after all, and not getting Jamie in the sling wasn’t a terrible thing if it meant getting Kaner’s ass instead.

Dominating a Hawk – Milionking, PensToTheEnd – Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Update to “You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him” coming tonight

@penstotheend and I have almost finished Chicago… here’s a preview:

The flight home is uneventful, the darkness alleviating some of Jamie’s fear. Tyler and Jamie arrive home and are attacked by three very happy pups and a note from their dog-sitter saying what good boys they had been. They head to bed, but while they are getting ready to turn in, the boys take over the king-sized bed, leaving no room for a pair of hockey players.

“You move them.” Jamie says, waving an arm at Cash, Marshall and Gerry spread out on the bed.

“Come on, boys. Hop down. Let your daddy’s get in and you can come back up.”

Marshall just stretches his legs out, claiming more of the bed. Gerry’s tail thumps against the mattress as he stares up at Jamie and Tyler with his soft brown eyes, but he doesn’t move. Cash actually growls lowly and follows Marshall’s lead, stretching out more.

Tyler looks at Jamie and shrugs his shoulders. “Guest room?”

“God.” Jamie sighs. “They’re dogs. Just move them.”

Jamie takes a step towards the bed and stops, he stares at the three content dogs for just a second before turning on his heel and walking out of the room. Tyler follows him down the hall to the guest room. They climb in bed, get settled, spooned up together. A minute later they hear the familiar padding of feet coming down the hallway. The mattress sinks as all three dogs jump up on the smaller bed and snuggle against their dads.

“I don’t know why we ever bothered to get that bed.” Jamie laughs.

“They missed us.”

“Then they could have let us get in our bed.”


Standing in their kink room is Jonny, his dick dangling out of a pair of leather briefs. He’s wearing knee high patent leather boots, and has a whip in one hand. Patrick’s chained, spread eagle and face down, on a St. Andrew’s cross. His leather chaps framing his bare ass nicely. Patrick has leather restraints on his wrists and ankles, which are attached to the chains of the cross. If they didn’t know any better, Tyler and Jamie would have though Jonny kidnapped Patrick. Holding the whip, though, Jonny looks more like he’s one step off Zelda the warrior princess.

It takes Tyler and Jamie a moment to pick their chins up off the floor when they notice the walls are a sea of black and victory green. The paddles marked “J” and “T” were a nice touch as were the two sets of butt plugs. Five plugs of various sizes, alternating between black, white, and green, one set marked 14 and the other marked 91.

“Welcome to the game. As you can see, we brought you a few of the basics.” Patrick says over his shoulder.

Jon snaps the whip, the loud crack echoing in the room. “Patrick.”

Patrick dips his head. Jon’s tone reminding him that this is supposed to be a punishment for him, for last night’s loss. “Sorry, sir.”

Tyler chuckles, and Jonny cracks the whip again, this time in Tyler’s direction. “Discipline your sub, Jamie!”