Tailor and the Jets ● Episode 4: Brandon Tanev & Nikolaj Ehlers

“Me and Lows sometimes bake.”

[credit to @tismartie for the video 🙌 this just really needed to be clipped]

This clip is so domestic!

Challenge Fics Revealed


The Mixed Team Fic Challenges have been revealed.  Thank you to the authors that participated.

The challenge fics are:

Eighty-Eight by Tisaniere (William Nylander/David Pastrnak)- Willie and Pasta are in a hotel room together at the All-Star Game when the hotel goes on full lock down.

SURREPTITIOUS [this is where we end] by isoboto (Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher)- Brendan is a tourist in Italy and Alex is his grieving tour guide.  Is it a relationship destined to fail from the start?

Can’t Seem To Get You Off My Mind by @milionking (Adam Lowry/Brandon Tanev)- Brandon’s NHL career is ended at the hands of Zdeno Chara.  His plan is to execute the plan he and Adam had made before the trade to Pittsburgh.  Will baked goods bring back the man Brandon loved?