Canadiens Insta: Reblog with your 3

Mine are 4,6 and 9

4 and 9 because if you uncrop the photo Galchenyuk is there and 6 because the promo is epic. Full video of 6 below too.

top 5 brendan moments on ice


1.) OBVIOUSLY this moment

which is going to be my header image for the rest of my natural life

2.) when he straight up kissed chucky after a goal

3.) when ur Small so u gotta go for the ankles like a ratbag [gif credit]

4.) the time when every single person on the ice just shoved him the fuck around for a few mins 

5.) when he made this face:

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: every time he and chucky have hugged on ice, every other time he’s tried to fight zdeno chara

ask me my top 5 anything!

Agree on Chara and Chucky!