Todays NHL challenge: Name 5 pairs of NHL players who should fuck.


Okay YES

Jamie Benn x Tyler Seguin

Travis Konency x Nolan Patrick

Freddie Andersen x Auston Matthews (lbr this has already happened)

Sidney Crosby x Evgeni Malkin

Connor McDavid x Leon Draisatl




G Andersen just surprised his All-Star teammates Auston Matthews & Mitch Marner with a special mask depicting images of them together. Calls it tribute to “Three Best Friends.” “You must have known about it,” Matthews told Marner. “I had no idea,” Marner replied.

x x x

Wow this feels fond.


Hockey Players and Their Likely Reactions to RPF About Them

Evgeni Malkin – Annoyed when people write him as a bottom

Gabriel Landeskog – Proud of how many people have written about him

Alexander Ovechkin – Thinks it’s hilarious, brags about it

Nathan McKinnon – Blushes

Sidney Crosby – Refuses to own a computer, makes his agent block all fanfic sites on his phone so he can’t be tricked into clicking a link

Auston Matthews – Annoyed

Mitch Marner – Thinks it’s hilarious that Auston is annoyed, sends him links constantly

Jamie Benn – Confused, endlessly embarrassed that the Bunching Mox tweet now means everyone thinks he’s gay

Jordie Benn – Thinks it’s hilarious, keeps sending Jamie screenshots that reference the Bunching Mox tweet

Tyler Seguin – Has jacked off at least once to fic about himself

Claude Giroux – Utterly indifferent, but likes that people think his suits are hideous

Andrew Shaw – “Hell yeah people want to think about me having sex”

Jonathan Toews – Bewilderment

Patrick Kane – Reluctantly gets it

I can see this

My hubs and I were watching game 7 last night and this commercial came on?

Husband: I’ll bet they’re bi.

Me: I’m 100% sure they are dating!