Hockey Players and Their Likely Reactions to RPF About Them

Evgeni Malkin – Annoyed when people write him as a bottom

Gabriel Landeskog – Proud of how many people have written about him

Alexander Ovechkin – Thinks it’s hilarious, brags about it

Nathan McKinnon – Blushes

Sidney Crosby – Refuses to own a computer, makes his agent block all fanfic sites on his phone so he can’t be tricked into clicking a link

Auston Matthews – Annoyed

Mitch Marner – Thinks it’s hilarious that Auston is annoyed, sends him links constantly

Jamie Benn – Confused, endlessly embarrassed that the Bunching Mox tweet now means everyone thinks he’s gay

Jordie Benn – Thinks it’s hilarious, keeps sending Jamie screenshots that reference the Bunching Mox tweet

Tyler Seguin – Has jacked off at least once to fic about himself

Claude Giroux – Utterly indifferent, but likes that people think his suits are hideous

Andrew Shaw – “Hell yeah people want to think about me having sex”

Jonathan Toews – Bewilderment

Patrick Kane – Reluctantly gets it

I can see this



Media: Can you believe Ovi is now the oldest player on the team?


*deadpan* Yeah, I can. *laughs* No, I just think it’s so cool that he got his own cereal.


Have you tried it?


No, I haven’t tried it. But I asked him if he could bring some, because my kids want some. So, hopefully I’ll get it for free.


Nick, going back to Ovi– oldest guy on the team you know.


*laughs* What’s that? Yeah, yeah.


Going back to him, speaking to him earlier, he said you guys had been together since day one. What does your friendship with him mean to you?


It means a lot. I mean, I think he, he’s been, he meant a lot for me, especially the first couple years. Took me under his wing… and then, when we got older, I took him under my wing. *smiles* No, it means a lot, he’s a great guy, he’s so funny, I think… there’s never a boring day around that guy. It’s just the way he is.


What did you say when you saw him after the bicycle accident?

Backstrom: *heavy sigh* The first thing I asked him, “did you wear a helmet?” He said, “yeah.” So… that’s Ovi. *laughs* Summer with Ovi.


Has anyone, has a player ever gotten him so bad as the bicycle accident got him?


No, I think that was the worst I’ve seen him. *laughs* He’s gotta be careful. He should maybe just stick to hockey, right?

Holy shit, Nick cannot stop smiling fondly and laughing while talking about Ovi for the a good chunk of his media day interview.

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