you’re- you’re kidding right

Reasons Pekka Rinne is a happy guy



On March 12, Seabrook and other Blackhawks will be out and about, trading their skates for bowling shoes for a good cause: the 10th annual Brent Seabrook Celebrity ICE Bowl at Lucky Strike, an event that will have raised nearly $1,000,000 since 2008 for the Inner-City Education (ICE) Program, which provides need-based academic scholarships as well as hockey equipment plus skating time and spaces to low-income children.

I love this pic of Seabs especially with how @cuddlefighter turned it into a cover art for one of my fics


 I thought I had something to prove, especially ya know, when you get traded, obviously that team didn’t want you so you get motivated, you get…I mean you can call it a wake up call, you can call it whatever you want, but I was definitely motivated to prove people wrong. My biggest thing was kinda to keep my mouth shut and try to use my words on the ice.

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A few things crossed my mind…

Victor is in a hotel in Finland filming that for PR…

The baby habs are the new gallys

This is so ship material