A Habby Wedding

This was my first ever fanfic originally written.  If it feels choppy that is why.

A Habby Wedding
Pairing- Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher

It’s been 3 years since the Gallys met in the NHL and have been boyfriends for the better part of those 3 years. They want to make their relationship official, they know that being local celebs may make this more complicated. Brendan wants to do it in the most romantic way possible, but Alex wants privacy and has his own reservations.

“Come on Alex, what are you worried about? People get engaged at hockey games all the time, why not us?”  Brendan pleading his case crashes through Alex’s stubborn attitude.

The Gallys have been talking about a wedding over the season and Brendan is trying to convince Alex to agree to do the engagement at a TV time out at Bell Centre. He’s already talked to the PR people and the You Can Play organization thinks it is a wonderful opportunity, but Alex can see problems the others are overlooking.

“It’s not that I don’t think it’s romantic and all to get engaged in front of the team, but I’m worried about the other 25,000 plus people that will be in the room too,”  Alex counters.

Alex wants to just get to wedding planning and make it a small family affair with maybe a few teammates that are in the know. He’s afraid this will be an unwelcome distraction in a season that the Canadiens need to show up for.

“It’ll be a TV time out, and at best will only have B-Roll footage of the event. We can work out with the PR people to make the distraction as minimal as possible,” Brendan continues trying to close the deal.  Alex is still not convinced this is a good idea.

Brendan lays down in Alex’s lap continuing, “At least let’s meet with our team’s management and see what we are planning? C’mon Alex it’s gonna come out sooner or later, at least this way we do it on our terms.”  Brendan blinks his baby blues seductively at Alex, the line he drew in the metaphorical sand starts to blur.

Alex hates it when Brendan makes a valid point; it usually means he is going to get roped into something he’d rather not do. He just can’t resist those puppy dog eyes and a beautiful smile.

“OK, Brendan I’m not going to make promises, but I’ll go to this meeting,” Alex says it so reserved that Brendan sees a glimmer of hope that this may still happen. Brendan already brought the ring and started working on what he’s going to say.

A week later the team has a meeting and Therrien makes an announcement with the Gallys on either side of him.

“Guys, many of you already know about the relationship that Gally and Chucky share. I want to you know that they have the full support of the organization and are working on making this news public knowledge. They are trying to make this announcement with as little distraction as possible, but they want to announce their engagement during a TV timeout at an upcoming game here at home. If you have any reservations, please let me know.”

Patch gets up and tells the team that he fully supports the Gallys in their decision and look forward to an awesome team party after the game to celebrate this team milestone. Whatever happens, he hopes the team will stay focused on the game and supports their teammates.

Beaulieu gets up and says he supports his friends and teammates in their relationship and encourages his team to stand up and say it too.

Not more than a minute later the team gets up together and shouts out “WE SUPPORT YOU!” (If Scott Heggart reads this, I’m not plagiarizing I promise!). A smile ensues on Therrien’s face, and tells the team “That’s the spirit!” Alex eases a little, but you can tell he feels the pain in his stomach and almost wants to vomit where he stands.

It’s January and several meetings later, the PR team decides that they have the best time to announce the engagement with the least impact on the team. The date is set for the last game before the All-Star game. Coach Therrien plans to call for a timeout with 5 minutes left in the 3rd, Youppi will come out to the bench to deliver the ring, and then it’s up to the Gallys for the rest of entertainment. The Bruins have been notified what to expect during the game. By pure coincidence, the date is February 12, Alex’s birthday.

Game day arrives and you can tell the usual game-day adrenaline is going through the dressing room; Brendan looks casual and confident on the outside but a nervous wreck on the inside, Alex can’t hide what’s going on inside, he looks like he could vomit at any moment. Patch jokingly puts a bucket in front of him; Alex just glares back at him. Both families are in the Geoff Molson’s suite for the festivities; down below Therrien asks both of them if they are ok to play, both of them stating that the game will calm their nerves.

Montreal kills the game against the Bruins. Both Gallys have a goal and an assist, Brendan’s assist is to Alex’s goal, how fitting. Up 5-2 with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd Therrien calls a timeout which confuses the broadcasters. If either Gally wanted to bolt, the time for that has passed. The networks all go to a quick commercial and the PA comes on, “Youppi is down along the bench this has to be something special!” Youppi makes an appearance with a mic and the ring, Gally grabs the mic and ring then gets down on one knee looking up at Alex and looking incredibly small.

“Chucky… um… Alex, we have been roommates and more over the past three years, and I haven’t pictured in my life that we would be in a better place than we are right now. I feel the time is right that I ask for your hand in marriage and spend the rest of our lives happy. Will you marry me?”

Alex already knew what was coming, but didn’t know how heartfelt the sentiment his mate would provide, is trying his hardest to stay stoic. Brendan’s romantic side has Alex on the verge of tears Alex screams “YES!” Brendan stands up both remove their helmets and kiss with both teams giving stick applause. The crowd goes absolutely nuts with the loudest cheer in Canadiens recorded history with an ovation of “When’s the date?” repeated over and over until play starts again. Therrien already decided they would get the locker room to themselves for the last 5 minutes of the game for privacy and a quick celebratory make-out session.

They get to the locker room and strip off their gloves and sweaters and kiss passionately hoping that no teammate gets hurt or in a fight for the next few minutes, but who cares it’s all in the open now and the team has granted unwavering support. After the long embrace, Alex looks at Brendan and says, “I love you, Brendan Gallagher!”

“And I love you, Alex Galchenyuk!” Brendan replies against Alex’s lips.

What feels like seconds later, but really was about 5 minutes, they head out to the entrance to the locker rooms to see the last few seconds of the game so they can celebrate a win with their team. They don’t know it but Patch has passed out large bottles of a Gatorade to the entire team. The horn sounds and the team floods the ice in celebration, but when Patch spots the Gallys, he signals the team to give them a shower. The ice team threw snowballs at them gathered up from the goalie’s shavings. Brendan and Alex kiss one last time to the fans delight and the team salutes the fans with their sticks before heading to the locker room. If the Gallys feel drenched now, Therrien has his own surprise from the support team.

In the locker room, the moment the Gallys walk in, a thunderous popping of the corks echoes in the room. The support team zips over to the Gallys and douses them in champagne. The team shouts out “KISS,KISS!” until the Gallys comply. Therrien announces the party is at his house, the bus is outside, get showered and changed; he and the Gallys have to go meet the press!

The press conference had little to do with the game itself. Therrien issues the standard statement about how well the team played especially under the circumstances. The press then turned its attention towards the Gallys. Therrien announces that the team has offered its complete support to Brendan and Alex and that this announcement has brought the team closer together as was demonstrated on the ice today.

“How does it feel to get your relationship out in the open?” shouts a reporter.

They knew the question was coming and already had prepared responses. To keep things under control, Coach Therrien will only allow the one question to them.

Brendan’s reply was the most stoic, “We really didn’t think it was this big of a deal, but we knew if we got married our relationship would become public on other people’s terms, we wanted to do it on ours. We are professionals and have a job to do, and we will continue to do as long as the team and our bodies allow.”

Alex’s comment followed, “I was at peace our decision to do this although I admit this fanfare is all Brendan’s doing. I will love this guy forever; it is time the world knew how much.” A passionate lip lock ensues; then Therrien announces that they will not take any more questions at this time; the team has a celebration to get to. It is going to be a long night for the Canadiens family.

Brendan and Alex go back to quick shower and change into drier attire and head toward the team bus for the trip to coach’s house, the coach arranged for the bus because he wanted the team to celebrate safely, they were all the guest of the coach tonight. The Gallys board behind Therrien and receive a roaring ovation from the team. Another “KISS” chant rounds the bus and the Gallys gladly comply.

The team arrives at an already set up party. Since this was planned, Therrien had plenty of time to prep his house. Patch offers the celebratory toast:

“To the Gallys, you could have saved us years of the rumor mill by doing this sooner. The team was very proud that you found happiness years ago when the two of you became inseparable. How you kept this from the public this long has to be the biggest miracle either of you has pulled off. In all seriousness, the time has come for the ultimate happiness of marriage for you too, and I can’t picture a better pair of teammates to see this happen to. Brendan and Alex, I look forward to seeing you continue to grow together. TO THE GALLYS!”

“GALLYS!” The rest of the part screams.

The engagement celebration goes on till dawn, nobody slept and many are hungover. Therrien, to the team’s delight, cancels practice for the day and a bus arrives to take the team back to the arena to collect their cars. They are all worn out and in need of copious amounts of ibuprofen.

For the Gallys the trip back home means it’s time to christen the new chapter appropriately. After some of the most passionate love-making to date including the hottest flip-flop fuck you can imagine, they cuddle up in bed together. Alex even lets little Brendan be the big spoon.

They awaken in the early evening and get ready for a second celebration this time with their families. Alex’s mom has been cooking the boys’ favorite meals all day and setting one massive table for dinner. Brendan’s family arrives and dinner is served.

During the dinner, a massive amount of teasing comes from Alex’s family about Alex not doing the proposing. Alex admitted that Brendan is a better talker than he is and the teasing gives way to agreement. Each parent gets up to toast the engagement and after a good night of food and drink, the Gallys are worn out from playing and partying. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and they have a lot to celebrate, this time just the two of them.


It has been months since Alex and Brendan have announced their pending nuptials publicly. Rumors about the date have been swirling around the press for weeks, but planning a wedding during the season would have been a nightmare. Even though the team was willing to do the entire event planning; Brendan and Alex wanted this part of their life to be personal, well as personal as you can make it when you both are professional hockey players.

They hired a wedding planner to help, but after reviewing the list of decisions to be made, the stress of the event and the short timeframe to plan it is beginning to make Brendan crack. Though confident on the ice, when it comes to this stuff he’s freaking out. “I feel like this is never going to be possible!” Brendan exhaustedly states.

Alex provides the support to Brendan that he sorely needs, being more decisive than Brendan. A few decisions were already made. The wedding date is set for the home opener of the Canadiens and will be held a couple of hours prior to the game. This means everything has to be done in less than 3 months.

By now all the press has changed the story from the coming out of 2 professional hockey players to the wedding of the century for the NHL. There has been some backlash from belligerent fans and of course the Westboro Baptist Church, but the outpouring of support is far more overpowering. Invite requests for celebration have come from everywhere, from LGBT organizations, practically every NHL team, all the way up to the Prime Minister’s office.

Luckily for Alex, the first home game will be against Edmonton so his best man Nail will already be in town. Also joining him will be his dad and Anna. Brendan’s best man will be Josh and joining him will be Beaulieu and his dad. Rather than tuxes, the equipment team designed a special tux style Habs jerseys with black outlining the stripes and logos of the Tricolore.

Everyone involved will be healthy scratches for the game, though an appearance by the newlyweds will made during the celebratory puck drop, and the reception for the guests will be in Geoff Molson’s suite spilling into the neighboring suites as well.

While this all sounds like the Canadiens are doing all this for the Gally’s, it is actually Alex and Brendan (mainly Brendan) who wanted this style of ceremony. They met because of the Canadiens and have been thankful for their team’s support. Everyone knows they are hockey freaks, and a hockey-style wedding is to be expected. What better place to have it than the Bell Centre!

People with tickets to the game were invited to come early to the wedding with one proviso, bring your support, leave criticism at home. Each fan coming to the game will get a piece of wedding cake in celebration. Offers from the media to televise the event have been pouring in. The level of community support for the Gallys is overpowering.

In all the stress Alex wishes he dug his heels in further for a private engagement and ceremony. It seems the entire country is trying to join the bandwagon, and Montreal can’t resist holding a big party. Canadians are noted for their community support, and this is no different. Prime Minister Trudeau even bought rinkside seats just to be there. The STM and AMT even had to plan increased frequency on the Metro and commuter rail to handle the expected crowd around the arena and Bell Centre officials will have to set up additional screens around the arena so the crowd can see the wedding.

The wedding planning is starting to look more like a public festival in true Montreal style.

The press knows that in Quebec you have to post the date of the wedding 20 days beforehand and have camped out at the courthouse daily waiting for the Gallys to show up for the initial marriage interview. On September 15, they get their wish as Alex, Brendan, the team Chaplain, and Nate Beaulieu show up. Nate is there to serve as a witness to the interview. It’s a formality but quickly turned into a publicity moment. They get their notice to post in the Bell Center, flashing it to the press as they walk out of the courthouse hand-in-hand.

The bachelor parties are going to happen on the road because of the preseason schedule. The Canadiens were in Detroit for their last preseason game and the Oilers were in Chicago for theirs. Nail meets Alex in the middle and the bachelor party meets up in Grand Rapids and did a pub crawl downtown with all its microbreweries. There’s a ton of beer there what can possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, Josh and Beaulieu push Brendan all the way up the Renaissance Center with a classy party at Coach Insignia all four teams were invited to either event.


Worn out from the preseason travel and all the last minute details for the wedding, the day has finally come. The Gallys become one at last and the public fury around the wedding has become an ecstatic celebration.

Per tradition, they spent their last night as bachelors separately, Brendan for the last time in the basement of Josh’s house and Alex alone in their townhouse. It was a sleepless night for both of them as they contemplate the wedding day.

The Bell Center undergoes the strangest transformation overnight with crews setting up the suites for a reception. Volumes of the cake are being baked below for the fans and wedding party. Chairs on the carpet are set up over the ice sheet with the ice left bare for the aisle; the wedding party is going to skate down the aisle. Everything was set up for a wedding and a hockey game. A catered buffet of Alex and Brendan’s choosing is taking shape in the suite.

People actually had to get tickets to the wedding, either by having a seat for the game (which granted access to the wedding) or by getting a ticket via wedding invitation from Brendan and Alex. The arena sold out in 2 minutes, a record for any arena. The crowd is expected to be massive and monitors have been set up with a live feed from inside the Bell Centre. The demand for Gallagher and Galchenyuk jerseys has been massive, some going on eBay for thousands of dollars.

Alex was stressing under the pressure of the large crowds forming to see him be married to his soulmate, Brendan, on the other hand, was in absolute awe, “I could never have imagined that we would have a wedding with 50,000 people showing up for the celebration.”

Alex wishing it was a more private affair replies, “well when you go public with the engagement, what else could you have expected.”

The doors to the arena finally open and the people with floor seats to the wedding are seated via the benches or penalty boxes. The team and wedding got the special white jerseys to wear for the game tonight. The public was offered replicas of these special jerseys, all sold out in less than a week. It’s going to be a whiteout at tonight’s game. The teammates are seated on the floor along with family members.

Precisely at 4, the procession begins with a PA announcer giving guidance like it’s the starting lineup of the game; Anna and Ian (Brendan’s dad) going down the aisle, next was Nate and Alex’s dad, continued by the best men Josh and Nail. Everyone in the arena gets on their feet for Brendan and Alex to finally join their wedding party. All the planning and stress has come down to this moment. Time seems to stand still while the team chaplain begins with the stereotypical

“Dearly beloved…” except he’s got a sense of humor and can’t resist giving the Gallys a little jaw.  “We are FINALLY gathered here today, although I kept wishing this was going to happen 2 seasons ago. If there are any sitting on the ice that has an objection to these two electrifying men getting hitched today, please speak now or forever bottle it in.”

The moment every couple hopes never happens doesn’t and the ceremony proceeds as planned.

“Brendan and Alex, you have chosen to write your own promises to each other please read them now.”

Brendan starts, “Alex we have been through a lot as a couple from having to keep our relationship quiet, making it public, the injuries, the illnesses, the long nights on the road, and off-seasons apart. I promise to you that I am by your side and will provide my love and support for you when the days are good and when the days are bad. I promise to do these things for all time and with my unwavering love to you. The ring I am putting on your finger will be a symbol of my never-ending love.”

Beaulieu just starts balling; tears are streaming down Anna’s cheeks, so much for Russian stoicism.

Alex watches Brendan place the ring then follows suit, “Brendan in the past 3 years, I have helped you through a lot and you have done the same for me. You have managed more medical emergencies than Carey Price.”

People in the crowd are now laughing and crying at the same time.

Alex continues, “I promise to be by your side through thick and thin with unwavering love and devotion no matter what silly circumstances you find yourself. With this ring, I make this promise to you with never-ending love.” (Nails now tears up, Alex is always sincere but never has Nails heard him like this)

They do the legally required statements of affirmation (also known as the I do’s).

The chaplain continues, “Each of these hockey sticks is a symbol of the individual you are. I will now tape these sticks together, now taped together you are now a team, and you will shoot this puck into the goal. The goal represents the promises you have made together. Your promises in marriage are the key to its success and the goal of the relationship. You are forever interdependent.”

The Gallys use 2 hockey sticks taped together to score a goal as their unity moment. The crowd roars and the horns go off in the arena. The chaplain sums up:

“With the power vested in me by the province of Quebec, I now pronounce you ‘The Gallys’ at last. Please make out and get it over with!” If they thought the loudest the Bell Centre ever had been was engagement night, the roar in the arena was outright deafening.

It was now time to transform Bell Centre again for a hockey game and everything had to be done fast! Coach Therrien got those playing into the changing room, the wedding party and their invitees joined Geoff in his suite, and the rest of the crowd got served wedding cake. The party of the season had to wait until after the game.

They will be watching the game they normally would be playing. Precisely at 6:30 the team gets out for warm-ups, the arena is already full. At 7 the normal starting sequence of the game is changed to highlights of the wedding that just took place.

“A New Season, a New Chapter”… “Promises made”… video starts of the vows being said: “Do you Alexander Alexandrovitch Galchenyuk take Brendan Adam Mathew Gallagher to be your husband under the covenants of marriage and promise your support to him and make a home with him until death do you part?” “I will!”

“Do you Brendan Adam Mathew Gallagher take Alexander Alexandrovitch Galchenyuk to be your husband under the covenants of marriage and promise your support to him and make a home with him until death parts you?” ” I will!”

“Teams Cemented” the climax moment replays “I now pronounce you ‘The Gallys’ at last”, the kiss is displayed to an eruptive crowd… “The time has come”… “To Introduce”… “The proud newlyweds”… the video of the goal scored with the taped sticks… the crowd erupts again… “Congratulations Alex and Brendan!”

The PA erupts to an electric crowd, “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome for the ceremonial puck drop, our newlyweds Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher.” A roar of applause and chant for the newlyweds to kiss was deafening, the couple complies with stick applause from the teams. They drop the puck and get congratulatory handshakes from Patch and Jordan Eberle. They turn hand-in-hand and salute the crowd and are off to join their wedding party in the suites to watch the game. Starting lineups are announced, anthems are sung.

The game goes on without a sign of distraction from either team. That was until during one of the TV timeouts about halfway through the first period, they initiated Kiss Cam. Not even waiting for it to start the crowd chants “Gallys! Gallys!”. Not wanting to disappoint they were the last kiss of the timeout and it was the deepest kiss ever caught on Kiss Cam to roaring cheers, even the teams got in on this one. Owing to the newlyweds, Kiss Cam is done once a period this game, the crowd not letting the couple off the hook. The game ends up in a shootout, finally going to the Canadiens. It has been a long day, but now the time has come to celebrate with their teammates with a party at Max’s suburban home.

Finally a more intimate celebration; that is if you consider only 200 people intimate. As a joke wedding gift, Patch gives the Gallys the couch from his basement that the Gallys christened last season, and Patch walking in on the occasion.

Coach Therrien gives the first toast, “I have been glad to know the Gallys now for 4 seasons and I have never met a happier pair on their wedding day. I am proud of how well the team supported you in the most awkward of circumstances. It is a testament that if you are a member of the Canadiens, it doesn’t matter who you love. I will say if any other teammates want to do what these two just did, please wait until I’m fired or retire. To the Gallys, for probably the most stressful yet joyous 9 months of my career. May love and happiness always find you!”

Nail did his toast next in very thickly accented English, “When Alex drunkenly proclaimed his love for Brendan in a Russian taxi 3 years ago, I thought for sure I was going to die in that cab.”  Alex blushes.

“Brendan, you have married the most incredible wingman you can ever imagine. His heart is always in the right place, even if he never says so. Be good to him!”

Josh gives the last toast, “I could never have imagined this moment, even when I caught you two making out in my basement 2 years ago. Brendan arrived to the Canadiens alone, geeky, and never shutting up. I made a home for you because I remember that time when I was a rookie too. Alex, he’s a loyal friend and will never ever leave you wanting. Brendan, I’m glad you found your soulmate, cheers.”

chucky dance.gif

The reception continued into the night with Alex and Brendan giving the first ceremonial dance. Brendan made sure it was a slow song because otherwise Alex’s dancing is often easily confused with seizures. Alex was glad too because his friends often put his more embarrassing moments on YouTube and Facebook for the entire world to see. It was just them now, eyes locked like they could have been in the middle of a staring contest. Nobody could remove the gorgeous and contagious smiles of the newlyweds. Although if the crowd asked for more kisses; Alex was sure he would have chapped lips tomorrow.

After an awesome send-off from his teammates, friends, and relatives they head home for their wedding night. Almost too tired to do so, they consummate their marriage before passing out from all the alcohol and stress. They were now a married couple and everyone knew that. The first marriage of 2 active and openly gay sports professionals has now occurred, what a story the press was destined to write about.

And write about it they did. Every front page was devoted to the Gallys wedding at Bell Centre the night before. If Alex and Brendan thought getting married would end all the press coverage, they were sorely mistaken.

“Look at all these press clippings, our Chaplin gave every news agency the headline… “I now pronounce you ‘The Gallys’, ‘Gallys Wed’, ‘Marriage with a side of hockey’. At least the pictures are flattering and our Kiss Cam videos made every TV outlet’s day.” Alex is protesting all this fuss over something he considers to be normal. Brendan goes out to get the mail and is met by the postman with a pile of mail in 4 separate containers.

“Well, we better go.  The team plane leaves in 2 hours and we need to get together for tomorrow’s game,” Brendan laments.

“Just let us have a honeymoon to ourselves,” says Alex. The honeymoon had to wait though until the end of the season, and Alex was going to take Brendan to a place the press would never think to follow them to.


After the season ends, Alex is preparing Brendan for the vacation of a lifetime. “I can’t believe you kept this a secret from me Alex, this vacation is going to be awesome or suck immensely.”

Alex is the only person in the world that knows where they are headed and what is going to happen. The only other people that know are the computers at the airlines and hotels that are holding reservations that nobody has even seen yet. Even if they have, they don’t know who these two men are.

As a surprise, Alex blindfolds Brendan and guides him holding on to baggage to the metro. Brendan is confused wondering why a subway was needed to start the trip because it didn’t go to the airport.

Alex is silent, but Brendan can hear his surroundings and as they begin to move to get off the train Brendan hears “Station Bonaventure”. Bonaventure that is where the train station is located.  “Are we taking a train?” Brendan ponders.

Alex gets him up to where the intercity trains depart and onto a train before he removes the blindfold. “OK Alex, what are we doing on Via Rail?”  Brendan chuffs.

Alex whispers back, “the press wouldn’t expect to find us here, why would you expect to find 2 professional hockey players on a train?  Besides we are in a sleeper room and we are flying out of Halifax instead.”

Brendan whines, “Halifax! Where does one fly to from Halifax?”

“We are changing planes in Toronto, but I figure Halifax would make sure our honeymoon is private,” Alex replies confidently.

Brendan gives up his protest, “Well at least I can sleep next to you tonight with the rocking of the train lulling us to a nice deep slumber.”

“The beds are single bunks on the Ocean. Let’s go to dinner, it’s included in our train ticket and so is breakfast. We’ll figure out how to sleep later,” Alex offers, grabbing Brendan’s suitcase.

Trying in vain to get a table for 2, the crowded dining car only had shared tables of 4. They start praying that the people they sit with aren’t hockey fans, but this is Canada, the chances of that are slim.

Sure enough, the couple they got seated with are ardent hockey fans and knew immediately who they were sitting with, but oddly it’s another gay couple from Michigan. They talked about the difficulties of coming out in sports, and all the weirdness in planning a very public wedding. As the two couples parted for the night they agreed to meet for breakfast in the morning and not to let anyone know they are on the train.

They come back from dinner blissfully stuffed and their car attendant had left them a bottle of champagne and several chocolates on the beds she made for him. Alex had asked the attendant to hold onto them until the beds were set when he went to get water earlier.

They drink and eat while kissing and enjoying the passing countryside of New Brunswick. Finally, it is dark and they cuddle up on the lower single bed with the train rocking gently. Alex climbs on top of Brendan and lets off all his weight. He never resists the opportunity to show Brendan that he’s in charge.

Drunk in love the makeout session is so steamy that the windows should have fogged up. Brendan and Alex had raging lust and the cocks to match it. Alex strips off Brendan’s jeans to find a throbbing hardon waiting to be sucked. Aided by the rocking of the train, Alex enjoyed sucking on his husband’s member. Brendan can’t let Alex have all the fun.

The lust to want to be fucked was making Brendan cock hungry. “Fuck me Alex, rock me like this train is rocking me,” he pleads.  Having sex on a train was by far the hottest, so much so that they make a note to do cross-country to Vancouver next summer. It didn’t help the whole time, Brendan was begging Alex “to fuck me like you mean it”.

Encouraging Alex only made things hotter and Alex was more than happy to oblige. He will never tire of an opportunity to fuck his husband. Being hockey players the constant skating keeps Brendan tighter than a new pair of shoes. Alex and Brendan both can’t hold on any longer with Brendan coming before Alex. After seeding his husband, he pulls out to clean up a touch, they fall asleep in each other’s arms rocking gently as the train advances.

They try to take a shower together in the “bathroom” provided in their sleeping accommodations which looked really clumsy and realizing it is intended to be a shower for one. They kept bumping and grinding more often than if they had been on ice in a game against each other with one standing on the toilet while the other enjoyed the hot water. It was the perfect opportunity to give each other a quick morning blowie. Finally cleaned, milked, and dressed, they head to breakfast hoping they hadn’t missed it. They find their new found friends from the previous night, and spend quality breakfast time together.

They arrive in Halifax and they are blissfully alone in the crowd that got off the train, they catch a taxi to the airport, again they are alone, and they get on their plane still alone.

That is until a flight attendant recognizes them and announces to the plane who they are and why they are flying. Brendan and Alex turn the brightest shades of red. So much for a private honeymoon! They did get 2 free bottles of wine and snack, but they made a note to let the next set of cabin crew before takeoff to keep their whereabouts on the down low. The last thing they want is paparazzi following them around their honeymoon.

The Gallys arrive in Toronto and find 2 Maple Leafs ball caps and sunglasses fast. “So where to now captain Alex?”

Alex guides, “Our next flight leaves in 1 hour from the international terminal, let’s make our way there and find the first bar, I need a drink after that flight.”

Alex leads Brenden off like he’s on a mission. He has a special trip planned with particularly vivid memories of the trip that ended up at the altar.

They board their flight to Rome and make sure the flight attendants know what is up beforehand. Brenden gets seated next to Alex and the first question, “Why Rome?” The intent for the trip aside from bouncing around Europe for a few weeks is to practice his Italian and it was the last place the press probably expected them to turn up.

The intra-European trips will all be by train so they can travel in relative privacy since they don’t force you to produce ID. Since this is a large plane and they are in first class, they have relative anonymity. They eat the served meal and pass out, waking up only for breakfast and landing.

They land, clear customs, get their bags and blend into the crowd. After catching the train into Rome, the pair look for their hotel so they can ditch the luggage and explore. Brendan is at Alex’s total mercy here, he doesn’t speak a lick of Italian, just the way Alex likes it. They find a small café and have lunch consisting of what many Canadians would consider dinner. They had wine, an antipasti course, pasta, and dessert.  Alex ordered in Italian, though Alex’s Italian with a Russian accent is funny to hear.

Leaving fully stuffed a nap would be welcome, but Alex wanted to work off lunch by marching Brendan around Rome. He didn’t come to Italy to lounge; he is practicing his 3rd language. They mail their postcards from the Vatican to family, visit the Coliseum, the Parthenon, have dinner, and finally land back at the hotel for a drink in the bar. Brendan is completely worn out and ready to snuggle with Alex and maybe a little more honeymoon fun, no hotel room is safe from these two.

The morning brought breakfast, more touring, gelato, and then check out of the inn that Alex booked. “Where to now,” Brendan begged.

Alex has a surprise after an overnight train for him. “You’ll see when we get there,” Alex is grinning from ear to ear.

Another overnight train is exactly what Brendan was hoping to see after their experience on Via’s Ocean until they got on the train. They had a private cabin like last time but it felt even smaller than the one they had in Canada, but the bed was a bit bigger and was at least the size of a full-size bed, cozy yet cuddle-able.

More super quiet sex was warranted as the walls on this train are paper thin, and the couple next door already moaned out a porno on their side of the wall already. Alex is tired, so they skip all the normal foreplay and head right into the banging. It was their fastest episode yet with Brendan on top of Alex, these two are so into each other and the extra testosterone from their workouts fuels their sexual lust.

After the quick overnight jaunt, Brendan and Alex find themselves in the Alps. Brendan looks out at the scenery.  It’s like he’s been here before, but the color is off-putting. Alex provides the needed hint, “You remember that crazy trip that Prusty gave us when we were rookies?” It clicks, so this is what it looks like with no snow.

Alex divulges the itinerary.  “We are going to skate the Alps with our blades. They are in my luggage,” and here Brendan just though Alex packed a teammate in his bags as a surprise later on. “We’ll be here for about a week so we can stay in shape a little after all those heavy meals in Italy.” What Alex is really doing is keeping Brendan’s bubble butt tight for the whole trip.

Agreed to the plan, Brendan hopes they have the same small bed and room like last time. “So you remember the hotel, here it is.” It was just like before, quaint and adorable. They check in and sure enough, it is room 204, they are in the same room as last time! Alex obviously pulled some pretty big strings. Hopefully, there will be no ski lifts this trip; although, this time they would look forward to the time they were stuck there. After some breakfast, they get their skates on and skate for mile upon beautiful mile. It beats skating around Montreal any day and the trails sprawl out in many different directions.

They spend the week enjoying each other, the discotheque they found the first time, the movies watching some foreign comedy, skating for miles (with Alex adoring the shape of Brendan’s cute butt), and they found their sled hill is now a great big slide that can be raced down. It was a memory that Brendan will never forget. Who knew Alex really was such a romantic?

Competition on the sled hill comes from Brendan, “Alex, let’s race”

“What’s the prize?” Alex accepts.

Brendan grins devilishly, “First to the bottom, gets to top!”

Alex puts on his game face “Get ready to get plowed!”

Brendan chirps back, “I think your ass is mine!”

They push off on the count of 3, Brendan takes an initial lead, then Alex gets some more momentum and passes Brendan. Brendan not wanting to be behind, rushes forward and takes a few chances just barely eeking out Alex. He reaches over to Alex to help each other up and looks into Alex’s eyes and says “Tie?” Alex replies with a wink, “So we both win?” They head back to the room to claim their prizes.

The moment the door closes Brendan reaches into Alex pulling him in close. They kiss passionately grabbing the others ass cheeks and squeezing them tight. They take their embrace to the tiny full-size bed that they have willingly shared this trip.

Alex’s lust overcomes him and practically rips off every article of clothing Brendan is wearing. He wants Brendan and wants him now. Brendan returns the favor, they are both animalistic in their lust for each other. Naked now, Brendan starts at Alex’s neck and slowly works his way down until reaching Alex’s large package. The slow buildup to this moment has already swollen Alex’s manhood. Brendan takes it into his mouth directing his left hand toward the crack in Alex’s tight ass.

Brendan slowly rotates 180 degrees and straddles Alex’s face. Alex wants in Brendan first and places his tongue on Brendan’s tight hole. Brendan moans in great pleasure. “Chucky…” he breathes out. Brendan lifts Alex’s legs and places them under his arms exposing the treasure Brendan seeks the most. Brendan flicks his tongue at Alex’s tight pucker. Alex is now humming as he rims Brendan.

“I want you first Brendan” Alex feels that Brendan is ready to take his pulsating cock. “Get in me Alex, I want your cock in me now!” They reposition and Alex pushes into Brendan with force. The tightness envelopes Alex, Brendan moans in pain and pleasure. Alex starts thrusting into his husband looking into Brendan’s eyes, the passion in Brendan’s face is matched by Alex. Thrust after thrust, Alex gives Brendan his all… almost. Brendan wants in Alex too. Brendan sits up and lifts off Alex, gets some lube and leans into Alex. Alex being tighter than Brendan, drives Brendan wild.

Alex lets out a gasp of pain, Brendan slows but doesn’t stop. He wants Alex and now that he has him, he doesn’t want to stop. Slowly building up speed, he gives Alex all that he has to give. After a few minutes of thrusting, he starts jacking on Alex’s still hard cock, he wants Alex to come first and furious. The harder he jacks, the more Alex moans in pleasure. The buildup overcomes Alex and he blows a load that reaches his chin. Brendan loves the feel of Alex’s orgasm on his cock and it sends him over the edge. Brendan’s explosion is furious and fast filling up Alex’s love chute to the fullest he can give. Brendan lays over Alex for a moment, scooping up the spent juices on Alex’s chin with his finger and feeds it to his husband. Their last night in the Alps was one to remember.

After their lovely week in the Alps, Alex takes them back to Italy this time Milan. It was a cultural wonder. The amazing porticos, the ancient university, and meals that would make their trainers cry. Again Brendan is at Alex’s mercy because he doesn’t speak the language. Thankfully it’s only a couple of days, but if he thinks he’s at Alex’s mercy now, Alex’s plan for the next destination is outright evil. They hop on a bullet train to Paris followed by a day and change trains for a trip to…

It may seem odd that Brendan and Alex would go to Belarus given their cultural attidude toward homosexuality, but they do for one reason only. Alex wants Brendan to meet his grandmother and since staying in a hotel is out of the question; they stay at his grandmother’s tiny house.

If the surprise of meeting up with Alex’s grandmother weren’t enough, Brendan’s jaw drops when Anna and Nail walk through the door. It’s a Russian family reunion that will fuel Brendan’s jaw about Alex being Russian for years.

Alex and Brendan are happy to party with Anna and Nail. They head out to the local bar and Alex reminds Brendan that while in public in Russia that he has to be “hands off”. It takes all the self-control Brendan can muster, but he has no intention of spending the rest of the off-season in a jail or hospital.

Alex’s grandmother was charming, but she kept waiting for them to have sex, not that Alex and Brendan needed a reason for that. Alex’s grandmother wanted to make sure the marriage was properly consummated.

After a week between Belarus and St. Petersburg, it’s time to wind up the vacation by seeing the stereotypical sites like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Heading back from their long vacation, it’s good to finally be home in Canada. They’ve christened every hotel room and finally saw Alex’s romantic side. Best of all, they had almost complete privacy the whole time. Brendan is finally glad to no longer need the translation services of Alex.

“That was some trip Alex, how did you manage to keep it from me all these months?”
“It was easy; I booked everything I could on the road while you played games on your IPad or were asleep. When you are doing those two things, I could create any surprise short of fucking you.” Brendan nods agreeing.

They check to make sure that their honeymoon was out of the papers and are relieved that they managed to ditch the press in Toronto. As far as the press was concerned they honeymooned in Toronto with no photo evidence, just proof they flew from Halifax to Toronto. They had privacy and each other; hopefully it will stay that way.

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