I’m American… and I want my country back, please.

I have to get this off my chest because this is the plan to save America.

When I was a political science minor in the early 2000s, the
US was getting over the impeachment trail of Bill Clinton.  While the circumstances of the Trump White
House are different from Bill Clinton’s and even Richard Nixon, there are some
fundamental truths that the Republicans and Democrats need to remember from
history.  Some of them go all the way
back to the Civil War era.

Andrew Johnson was served and tried on articles
of impeachment with no house investigation and within 11 days of committing the
acts he was tried for.  The lesson: The
house delivers the equivalent of a grand jury indictment.  Inside a grand jury, everything is done in
secret to avoid witness tampering.  There
are 43 Republicans on the 3 House committees investigating the President.  If they’d show up for the meetings and ask
reasonable questions in defense of the President rather than grandstand in the
lobby, they might actually help defend the man they hope stays in office.

The House in the case of Andrew Johnson did not
vote to open an inquiry, they just handed down 11 articles of impeachment.  The lesson:
Our Founders decided to leave the impeachment process rules vague to
cater to the situation at hand.  If the
Republicans want a say in the witnesses called, they might reach an olive
branch over the aisle and pass a bipartisan resolution on the rules of
impeachment.  In order to impeach a president, all that really is needed is the articles, the inquiry is a formality.

This could be the first time the President and
Vice President could potentially be impeached and if the case is compelling,
removed from office.  The lesson: Mike
Pence is now a political liability.  If
the House impeaches and the Senate removes President Trump, they could vote to
do the same with Pence making Nancy Pelosi the President.  It would be a good time to convince Mr. Trump
to find a new VP to stand in the background rolling his eyes.  Mitch McConnell might be a good choice.

You know all those primaries that the President
was able to twist some arms to cancel?
You might want to hold them anyway.
The lesson: Since you have now finally convinced Trump the party is
ready to set him to pasture, you’ll need a decent candidate for 2020.  It might be a good time to make sure you have

The White House should cooperate in this
process.  If you aren’t guilty, then you
have nothing to hide.  If you are guilty
and hide it anyway, guess what?  You’re
still guilty.  The lesson:  An impeachment is like going in front of a
professional board.  The board will hear
your side of the story and if you present a good defense the board will admit
defeat.  If you don’t say anything,
they’ll automatically judge against you.
Impeachment works the same way.
Participate and it is likely there is likely this whole thing will get
lost to the election cycle.

Democrats and Republicans alike have some
lessons to learn from this experience.
It is time to tighten conflicts of interest laws surrounding the
Executive Brand.  While it is highly
likely that President Trump will avoid removal from office, history will judge
what Congress does with the results of this process.

So, the whole point of this is to stop whining, participate,
and it’s your turn to “GET OVER IT”!
More importantly, clean house!

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