headcanon that harry’s headaches in HBP weren’t due to the presence of voldemort in his head but were because he has had the same glasses for 10ish years and needed a new prescription

honestly, this poor boy couldn’t read

What’s up, I’m Harry, I’m 17, and I never learned how to read

Those fuck ass Dursleys never got him new fucking glasses; of course the poor boy had trouble reading. Hell, that’s probably a lot of his trouble with potions: the instructions/notes/class lectures were written on a board HE COULDN’T READ. Also, it would probably be really fucking hard to tell the difference between similar looking powders if your sight is that fucking bad.

Also, answers the age old question of “why did Harry not recognize Snape’s handwriting in his textbook if he’d been reading it on a blackboard every day for years?”

Because it was blurry as hell, next question.

A lot of Harry Potter questions answered…

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