i still can’t believe tyler said “i like stallions more” on a yes or no question about horses

i can’t believe jason asked tyler what his favorite hand was and tyler looked so offended when jason said “straight?” and then answered with “three of a kind”

i can’t believe tyler, when asked about dallas, said, “everyone is good looking—the men and the women.” and in the same interview said he does yoga and pilates for flexibility reasons

i can’t believe tyler had to open his mouth that wide to take a small bite out of a butterfinger

can you believe tyler decided that the best place to nap in before a game was cuddling up in between his friend’s (jesse b) legs? because i can’t

ah yes, i can’t believe tyler never said “no” to a kiss pic with his friend (derrek) but instead turned into a giggly mess with a dark blush and eye crinkles to accompany his wide dimpled smile

because i honestly cannot believe tyler said in a radio interview after being asked about scrosby, “i don’t kiss and tell so i can’t talk about sid behind closed doors either” to which the radio host immediately answered with “i don’t know how kissing came in the conversation but we’ll leave it at that” and tyler followed that up with giggling……….. i’ll just try to process him going to a cowboys/patriots game and the first thing he had to say/tweet about the game was edelmen’s tight uniform pants

See also:

And for the kicker hint is the infamous tweet when he got to Dallas. For those who don’t remember “all that’s in Texas is steers and queers and I ain’t no cow.” Initially we all thought he was being an idiot, but based on a preponderance of the evidence he tried to come out and we ignored it!

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