Spring 2019 Fan Fest Prompt List


Hey fan-festers! 

We’re happy to say that we received 81 prompts this time around, and we spent the last few days distilling all those amazing and creative prompts down to a list of 63 prompts! (If you’re keeping count, that’s far more than last year’s 48!

As with last year, we had some repeat prompts and prompts that were similar enough that it made sense to condense them under one item. Additionally, most of the prompts we distilled down to a few words for the sake of having a concise list! Again, like last year’s fest, we’re providing the full text of the original prompts under the cut, in case you’re looking for more details to get started!

You’re free to create any kind of fanwork based on the below prompts! There’s no minimum word count and no rules on what to create, or even how many – if you want to combine prompts, that’s cool! If you’re called to make more than one thing, that’s awesome too! The only limit is that this fest runs from now until April 15th – so if you’re creating something, make sure you post it and tag it with #bennguinfanfest so we can share it to this tumblr! If you’re posting to AO3, the collection is now open for submissions as well, so make sure to include your work there so everyone can find it!

One final thing: even if you didn’t submit prompts, feel free to participate and join us on the discord! We’ve set up a discord server here: bennguinfest on discord to stay connected, inspire each other, and have fun! It’s a great group and really active, so don’t be shy!

That’s it! On to the prompt list!

  1. Matchmaking dogs
  2. Space AU
  3. Birthday gifts
  4. Coming out/being together in the NHL
  5. Acting like a couple (but they’re not actually a couple)
  6. Tyler as a WAG
  7. Transported to a parallel universe
  8. Abducted by aliens
  9. Superhero/Superpowers AU
  10. Amnesia from an injury
  11. Soulmate AUs: Color-based, name-on-wrist
  12. Thirst follow/Met online
  13. Drag AU
  14. Time loops
  15. Alternate histories
  16. Cop AU
  17. Reality show AU (Survivor, the Bachelor, Married At First Sight)
  18. Jamie Poppins/Single dad AU
  19. Supernatural races (vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc.)
  20. Omegaverse: Courting
  21. Delivery boy/Uber driver AU
  22. Tyler gets traded back to Boston
  23. Breaking up & making up
  24. Omegaverse: Bonding drama
  25. Boring office desk job
  26. Road trips
  27. Protective Jamie defending Tyler
  28. College/University AU
  29. Tyler tries to be Jamie’s wingman
  30. Lites’s comments affecting the boys
  31. Taking care of a sick hockey player
  32. Cuddle pile/team bed fic
  33. Harry Potter AU
  34. Fire alarm meet-cute
  35. DnD/Hockey Mashup
  36. De-aged after a fight
  37. Bakery/Tattoo Artist AU
  38. Friends with benefits – and then with feelings
  39. Zombie AU
  40. Homeless AU
  41. Nerds are hot/competency kink
  42. Omegaverse: scents
  43. YouTube channel AU
  44. Bridal shop meet-cute
  45. Beard appreciation
  46. Tornado warning
  47. Figure skater mpreg
  48. Self-conscious Jamie
  49. Wing!fic
  50. Winning the cup and a kiss on the ice
  51. Lifeguard AU
  52. Haunted farm
  53. Animal daemons
  54. Surprise/sudden parenting
  55. Jealousy from dating/flirting with someone else
  56. Secret relationship and almost getting caught
  57. Long-lost childhood friends
  58. “Come here.”
  59. “Close the door.”
  60. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”
  61. “It’s three in the morning and you want me to do what?”
  62. “You could’ve died.”
  63. “I thought you were dead.

Full text of the prompts under the link! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask – and as always, happy creating! 

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