A lot of deep sea creatures are coloured red, but since the colour blends in so well with dark water it just ends up looking black or dark blue. 

In short, combined with the horn-like crown, submerged home, and pitchfork/trident, Poseidon is just another name for the Devil.

Humans misinterpret Hell as an underground cavern of fire, when in reality, it’s a boiling sea floor stoked by hydrothermal vents and exposed magma.

Dante describes the Ninth circle of hell as being where traitors are crushed in a dark frozen lake, which sounds like deep sea trenches or brine pools

Notice how the only thing demons and mermaids have in common is dragging human souls down?

There’s a reason why sailors used to call mermaids “Sea Demons”.

This post is prying open my third eye with a crowbar

Hell is actually a place in Michigan in the United States, over January 29-31 the temp never got above 0 Fahrenheit. So yes, He’ll freezes over and usually does this time of year!

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