Here are the amazing fanworks produced for the Blackhawks Big Fic Energy! We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did, and please do take time to thank our authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders for their hard work.

You can find all the fics on our AO3 collection, browse the tag or this list.

Streets of Chicago 

Kane/Toews. 79,749 words. 
story by The NorthRemembers (@catofthecanals289)
art and mix (Tumblr, AO3) by @fenweak

Free Fallin’ 

Kane/OFC, Kane/Tyler Seguin, Kane/OMC. 33,485 words.
story by Sail_On. (@eubiass

We’ve Waited for the Calling

Kane/Toews. 23,125 words.

story by @allthebros (x)
art by @fenweak​ 

Irreplaceable (Chapter 2)

Kane/Toews. 11,950 words.

story by tenpointsforpassion
art by @heidii19 (x)

Son of a Preacher Man 

Kane/Toews. 22,432 words.

story by @penstotheend (x)

I’ll Be Your Detonator

Kane/Toews. 17,645 words.

story by CitrusVanille  (@rosorguil)
art by @heidii19 (x)


Kane/Toews, Kane & Sharp. 24,531 words.

story by Pinkmanite (@baewhishaw), 
mix (AO3, Tumblr) and ebook with cover art

by Vanessa (@cuddlefighter)

sugar, we’re going down swinging 

Kane/Toews, Toews/OMC. 59,160 words.

story by thundersquall (@kanerboo),
art (

1, 2 ) by heartstrings (@officialhilaryknight)

Something Uniquely Him

Kane/Toews. 13,838 words.

story by @hatrickane​ (x)
mix by alexei (@wardhavemercy). 

You Turned My Head 

Kane/Toews. 11,072 words.

story by hockeyhawk.

More Than Who We Are 

Kane/Toews. 14,458 words.

story by amoergosum (@definitelynotwintana​),
mix by whatamidoing (@americanherotimothyjimothy)

Can You Lyft Me Up? 

Kane/Toews. 27,912 words.

story by @mullsandmutts​ (x)

art and mix (Tumblr, AO3) by @fenweak

Feels Like The First Time 

Keith/Seabrook, Seabrook/Dayna Seabrook, Keith/Kelly-Rae Keith pas/mentioned, Kane/Toews, Nikolaj Ehlers/Antoine Roussel. 31,841 words

story by @milionking​ (x)
artmix and ebook with cover art by Vanessa (@cuddlefighter​)

The Boy who kissed The Moon 

Kane/Toews. 71,771 words.

story by Caivallon (@miss-malheur​),
mix by @klarisdavis​ 

your soul cries out (our hands are tied) 

Kane/Toews. 18,313 words

story by @thirteentorafters​ (x),

(1) (2)

and mix by @hippietoews​ (x

i know you are (but what am i) 

Kane/Toews. 57,984 words

story by @booktubelover​ (x),
art and mix by @sashaannes​ (x)

a song someone sings 

Kane/Toews. 45,751 words.

story by buuckyys

Today’s Another Day To Find You 

Kane/Toews. 24,862 words.

story by jezziejay,
art by nuuclears (@nuuclearshow)

More Than I Could Ever Promise 

Kane/Toews. 47,018 words.

story by Linsky (@linskywords)

(1) (2)

by @namesintherafters 

take the plan, spin it sideways 

Kane/Toews. 45,979 words.

story by @clayisforgirls (x
art and mix by @officialhilaryknight

our decades in the sun

Kane/Toews. 21,018 words
story and art by @toewsin

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