Jonny stared at the last item on the list. “What, I can’t even shake your hand?”

It was Patrick’s turn to start blushing. “Um, I mean sexual contact.”

“Oh, Jesus. Fuck.” Jonny buried his face in his hands. “This is fucking humiliating”

Something Uniquely Him

Author: @hatrickane
Artist: alexei (@wardhavemercy)
Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Word Count: 13,838

Patrick might be approaching 30, unmated, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let some young Alpha walk all over him. He shouldn’t feel responsible for teaching this kid how to interact with Omegas, but he might be the only one who can.

A scientist-takes-on-an-unethical-experiment AU.

Read on AO3
Link to mix on 8tracks

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