one of my professors straight up forgot to say what format he wanted our sources for our photoshop project in so he just let us hand it in without sources

I just did an essay that was so strict, if we didn’t add 6 spaces at the beginning of the sentence that started a paragraph, we lost marks. 
Pls don’t think college is a walk in the park, i wanna scream

Depends on the professor, I had one that literally said write two pages on aesthetics of any poem. And another tell me my term thesis had to have 5 sources, 3 scholarly, one commentary-glossary and an interview. The format was a critical reading one, which meant I was counting lines on a page to support actual details of my paper.

Also 90% of the time, no work cited means it’s unfinished and a really asshole-y teacher can get you for plagiarism

200 words be concise and complete. Then the works cited page is longer than the whole original essay because each journal article and the journal it was in have hellacious titles

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