Brent turns around and raises the Cup above his head looking at the camera.  Duncan stares blankly at the man on the screen.  The memory of the Hawks’ 2010 win enters his conscious mind 

“Come on Duncs, grab it!” Seabs shouts from the blue line.  Duncan looks fondly at his liney knowing that he is so getting a piece of Seabs’ ass tonight.  He slides over to Brent and takes the Cup from the defenseman’s hands, locking eyes with Brent.  He lifts the cup and shouts a guttural yell into Brent’s face. 

Brent scrunches his face at Duncan’s after game breath.  A distinct mix of garbage can with a whiff of beer blast his face. 

“If you think you are getting that close later, that breath better be full of alcohol and spearmint toothpaste,” Brent chirps as he skates around while Duncan takes his victory lap.  Duncan is too filled with adrenaline and a noisy crowd to hear the man and respond with an equally vinegary chirp. 

The team is flat out drunk and loud the entire plane ride back to Chicago that night.  Jonny and Pat are in the back row making out and trading handjobs under a blanket as Duncan walks back to the bathroom.  Brent had banished him there until he brushed his teeth because he found Duncan’s after game breath too gross to kiss. 

They drunk march into Brent’s apartment that night.  The door locks shut behind them, and the clothes come off with animalistic lust. 

The bartender snaps Duncan’s trance after Duncan tipped his bottle spilling beer everywhere.  He’s jealous that Brent will probably go home and fuck Dayna senseless.  If he’s lucky he’ll get the feel of his right hand later tonight with the image of Brent naked in one of the beds of a road hotel room.  He felt the thoughts of what it would feel like to have Brent in his bed again, they penetrated his brain and his cock swelled to fill his boxers in an uncomfortable position.  Deciding Duncan has had enough drink, the bartender calls him a taxi to whisk him off to a hotel to sleep it off until he’s sober enough to collect his truck. 

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