Netflix and Chill Chapter 5

I’ve almost completed the last chapter of “Netflix and Chill”  If you need a refresher on the story click here.

I thought I’d post a little preview…

A week after their first date, Jake flies to Vancouver to
board a train destined for Toronto.  In
the expanse of Vancouver international Airport, he arranged to be there well
before Filip.  He texts Filip his
whereabouts while sober then sits at one of the bars in the international
concourse after clearing customs downing a pile of scrambled eggs with a
combination of beer and shots in rapid succession until his nerves are
sufficiently dulled.  He’s feeling pretty
good after having alcohol with breakfast.

Filip finally arrives an hour later and finds a halfway to
drunk Jake.  He places his hand gently on
Jake’s shoulder and Jake jumps out of the seat, then figures out it’s Filip and
a smile replaces the look of fear.  Jake
pulls Filip into his arms and practically collapses on to Filip’s
shoulders.  Once Filip gets a few glasses
of water into Jake and a chance for him to pee out some alcohol, they catch a
SkyTrain into Vancouver figuring the 25-minute train ride would sober Jake up a

It doesn’t sober up Jake much when they get to Vancouver
Centre Station to change trains to the Expo line for the 2-stop trip to get to
Pacific Station.  Filip holds Jake’s
t-shirt in his clenched fist as he guides Jake up the stairs through the Hudson’s
Bay complex down the escalators to the Expo line platforms and onto the train
like he’s Filip’s marionette.  They get
on their transfer train and to their next transfer point without incident.  They arrive at Pacific Central Station and
Filip orders the strongest coffee on the menu for Jake.  Thirty minutes later they are called to board
the train, none the wiser 4 men are there to spy on them the whole trip.

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