yall take this quiz and say what your 3 cities were

Not New York, Not Philly, not even New Jersey.

I speak that unique blend of of all three, plus Pennsylvania Dutch and Coal Country dialect.

I guess I better never move to Minnesota, though. No one would have any idea what I was saying.


I hate going anywhere besides Minnesota or North Dakota because I get super self conscious about my dumbass accident. I mean, I WANT to go everywhere I can, but everyone can tell I’m from Minnesota.

I took this one other time and got Buffalo, Rochester, and Grand Rapids.

There really IS a lake effect dialect.

It was actually one of the things they kept criticizing me for in official reviews at the library in Ohio: my voice tone. I don’t sound like a bland Midwesterner and it pissed them off.

@myrthrilmercury you and I got the same cities

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