Thoughts on the Gallys now that Chucky and Gally have been separated.


SO MANY FEELINGS. Am i thinking about being the change I want to see in the world and just writing the damn trade fic where nothing happened between them because a) they’re both bad at emotions and b) Gally who’s slightly better at emotions thought that they’d have a long time, but then Chucky’s traded in the off-season on his way out of the country so they might not even see each other before they leave! And Brendan can’t let it go like that, so maybe–he can’t fly to Italy, that’s overdramatic, but maybe he meets Chucky somewhere and is like, “I couldn’t let you go without telling you this, not to pressure but just because–I wanted you to know?” and then he kisses Chucky and Chucky is dealing with so much so he can’t handle it and then Brendan thinks he lost his best friend both because he’s across a continent and because now Chucky knows he’s into him. BUT THEN Chucky just starts randomly texting him and it’s like Brendan never kissed him but he’ll take it if they can stay friends and Chucky’s not the first friend he’s kept post-trade but he feels like the most important and it’s weird because he knows in some ways the trade was good for Alex–he gets to be Gally there, and he’s away from the pressure of the media and public of Montreal who always weighed him down so much–but also selfishly he hates it, and also he feels like he can’t complain because he’s not the one who was traded. And meanwhile Alex is in Arizona figuring out playing on a new team for the first time in years and also dealing with the fact that Brendan kissed him and he’d never thought about their friendship like that but now that he is he can’t stop and he misses Brendan so much and it’s all very confusing. Anyway there’s a lot of long distance pining and pretending like they both aren’t miserable until somehow they finally get together because whatever, a lot of guys do long distance and then see their significant others over the summer and off days when they can. 

Long story short: I think i actually secretly love the angst of the trade (for fics, I hope the real people are doing fine) and I want so many angsty fics about this because trades are such good fic potential but also hockey players must be used to having long distance friends and maintaining this kind of relationship. 

Oh also, clearly I have a lot of fun with them as a ship because one of my favorite tropes is ‘grumpy/antisocial/neurotic person and their interpreter’, which these two very much fall into. And also so much banter and giving each other shit, which i also enjoy. 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Planning on a series as the season unfolds.  Maybe a little angsty, but hey LDR’s suck.  I remember doing it when I did my student teaching.


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