Would love to see an image set you imagine for the Gallys. Werewolf Alex and blushing darling Brendan.



Just posted. I was working with images I already had on my phone and tbh I found it super hard to pull together anything even slightly cohesive.

I apologise in advance for having only a single gif of gally and that it was ruined the sec it touched tumblr.

Also, have some not!fic

In this Brendan works as a server for a yiros stall at an evening beach market and Alex is the guy who comes by to heckle him in between chomps of meat. Alex is drawn by his unwavering needling and frustrated that he’s better at talking smack.

After Brendan finishes up they both grab a sundae and sit in the sand and eat to the sound of the wind and the waves.

They’re both fairly new to the area, kinda running away from their past lives which weren’t what either would have built given the choice. This is a new start and a chance to be who they never could before.

Brendan was mixed up with the wrong people from a young age and felt more and more that he was losing himself to the small band of delinquents. Things were escalating and when he finally got the chance to run away he took it, even though it meant one of his closest friends would up in jail because he didn’t fight the police officer.

Alex kept running afoul of his sister who had stepped up to take leadership of the pack when their father died. It’s not that they don’t love each other but they just don’t fit with this new pack dynamic and so Alex set off alone. The call now and then but Alex is no longer a part of his family pack as he once was. He’s more of a satellite, searching for a stable orbit.

Alex sleeps on Brendan’s futon and gradually they sleep on the same bed. They don’t even do anything at first, just find comfort and stability in each other’s presence. Wind up tangled together some mornings, Brendon’s face smushed into Alex’s neck, Alex’s breathing in the warm scent of Brendan’s hair.

Bren gasps when Alex bites his collarbone one day. Holds still when the pressure increases then releases, feels a wet suck that stings. They press their faces along each other.

Alex worries that he’s crossed a line when Brendan isn’t his usual boisterous self the next morning. Spits his cereal in a lumpy milky mess when Brendan asks casually if he’s a vampire or something. His hand is rubbing the bruise where it peeks from the ragged collar of his faded yellow tee.

He spends most of the day fighting with himself over if he should tell Brendan the truth. He settles on showing him. Calls him in to the lounge from the kitchen and has to chase him when Brendan shrieks because there’s a fucking wolf in their flat. It was obviously the wrong move but he couldn’t help wanting to get closer to keep him safe from the fear that was radiating from him. Brendan lies still and realises that he isn’t being eaten alive and the giant wolf is whining loud enough to hurt his ears.

He closes his eyes, heart still tripping double time. Asks “Alex?”. Looks down slowly and sees blue eyes looking back. “Uhhhhhm… is this because of the vampire thing this morning?” Squeaks shrilly when Alex’s presses his cold nose to his ear.

“So werewolf huh? Does the hickey mean we got married?”

Alex rolls over beside him and changes smoothly back to his very human very naked body. Asks the roof “why did I think this was a good idea?”

“Hey! No, that is a valid question. I just found out werewolves exist, I think I deserve to know if last night was a thing or if it was just some sort of Chucky weirdness”

“It’s not a werewolf thing.”

“Aha! Then the only other explanation is that you’re also fourteen.”

When Alex wallops him with a couch cushion Brendan figures that at least one thing from the movies is true. Werewolves move fast.



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