sometimes I wonder how aware hockey players are of fandom memes about them. like, not the raunchy ones that I hope they never ever ever see, but the weird and more wholesome ones.

with the spread and reach of social media and the way so many of the younger guys have grown up on it, I assume that even though they most likely get told not to look themselves up online, they do- or they inadvertently see things that start in niche communities on Reddit and Tumblr and get screenshot and migrate to other social media form like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. – especially when so many websites like that have features that show you posts from people you don’t follow but that have to do with topics and people you post about or interact with.

I mean, Nolan Patrick knows about the rosy cheeks thing, Wilso and Latts about the joy we still get from the ketchup thing, so I just want to know- how aware are they?

and I wonder things like;

do the avs players know that the team had been adopted by the hockey gays?

does Dylan Strome know that untagged pictures of raccoons float from hockey blog to hockey blog because of him?

is Connor McDavid aware of his Benedict Cumberbatch equivalency?

does Jimmy Vesey know his 2012 tweets are like sacred literature?

does Braden Holtby know about the ‘staring at god’ meme?

or Nicke about the threads just dedicated to his reactions to cameras?

is Beau Bennett aware of how much of a cryptid his “just some panties” vine has become?

is Jamie Benn aware of how much we love it when he turns into a petty child and it’s caught on camera?

@long-livehabs Tyler Seguin knows and is flattered. He even knows about the fanfic we write about him. He and brownie had a public convo on twitter about it.

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