I’ve seen some rumblings that the tyler/jamie fandom is dead at the moment, it’s true there is less fic but I also think some of it is a feature of tumblr interaction rather than a complete lack of fandom content? So picture me: troubled enough to write a rec list of recent stuff I’ve liked, cos holy shit, I love this pairing! 

tumblr prompt-fic by @fanforthefics (mature content). OP just posted! Jamie says ‘I love you’ to Tyler and decides he needs to cover for it by declaring it to all the Stars players (featuring a intensely jealous tyler and a current roster…blushy klinger! ❤️)

Stating the Obvious by stormdancer/fanforthefics (mature). College hockey AU, 40k of BLISSFUL pining and slow burn. be prepared for FEELINGS.

play to win by @venvephe (explicit). 40k of…smut! but really soft and intimate smut! with jamie and tyler realising their feelings for each other over the course of the fic. Also, rare tyler POV so there’s a lot of lovely descriptive jamie in this 

tumblr ficlet by @sidneycrosbyisawitch / @cricketloblaw . Kisses, kisses, and kisses featuring gorgeous sub-tyler and a sassy rads ❤️

And I’m Getting to Do it With You by scribbledmargins/@cricketloblaw (mature content). Soulbond AU, written last year but I’ve only discovered it tonight and I’m surprised it hasn’t had more love? Some absolutely wonderful intimate scenes ahasdfasj, please read!

tumblr prompt-fic by @stupidsexyseguin. Pre-slash, valentines day prompt. So cute and like if OP wants to continue, I would die.

ALSO GUYS, please feel free to add replies/reblogs with your own recent recs (or dm if you’re shy!)? Like, I know not everyone tags so finding new gems that aren’t easily found on ao3 would be A+!

I write Jamie/Tyler and Jordie/Tyler. Mostly multi-chapter long-fic. I post rough drafts as I write them and then post on AO3 after editing. The tag is ‘janellyfic’.

You Bag Him, I’ll Tag Him by @milionking and @penstotheend Tyler takes Jamie through a sexcapade in the season before they get married. One or two guys are selected per team to participate in the Bennguin hunt. This is a 34 part series WIP.


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