Vinnie starts suiting up for practice Monday morning, well aware of Ryan’s absence. He didn’t get much sleep the night before, too stressed over what might come the next day.

When everyone’s made it to the locker room and Ryan’s still missing, Vinnie tries to call him but gets a busy tone in response. He swallows hard and whirls around the room looking for anyone who might have answers.

He’s panicking. He can feel the air rush out of his lungs. Everyone he turns to is avoiding eye contact. They’re all tucked into their stalls doing their pre-practice maintenance with their heads down.

At this point, the reason why Ryan’s missing is obvious but Vinnie’s in deep denial. He heads over to where Jonny’s just walked out of Q’s office.

“Where’s he going?” Vinnie asks, feeling like the ground is going to give way any moment.

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