Flush them all


This is the election that counts. Start educating yourself now on who will be campaigning to be your congresspeople/governor/etc. 

Register to vote NOW. Don’t wait. You can do it any time.

This is the fight we need to win.  VOTE 



Also…reminder to pay attention to all local elections and VOTE. These elected officials are the people most likely to directly impact your life in the short term. 

This has to start now. Right now.

Get your birth certificates. There may be a fee or long wait times. Make sure you get a certified copy.

Make sure you have ID. Dig into your state’s laws and the whole Real ID thing, because (and sorry I can’t research this now, but pneumonia) I believe there are certain states whose driver’s licenses don’t qualify for Real ID.

Make sure you’re registered to vote. Google it. Follow the instructions for your state.

Know where your local polling place is or find out if you can vote by mail.

Vote in ALL your upcoming elections. Yes, that means the little ones for city council or dog catcher or whatever. Vote those racist, homophobic, bigots out at every level.

They’re like weeds. You can pull up every visible bit, but if you leave one tiny segment of root, they’ll just come back.

To quote Mira Grant, rise up while you can. Because the Republicans are way the hell worse than zombies.

Damn skippy!  My mantra all year has been “Come on, 2018…”

Every single person of voting age who wants Trump and the Republican TRASH gone…THIS IS HOW TO DO IT

And do not for a minute think that your vote won’t matter or won’t make a difference…if a Democrat can win in ALABAMA then a Democrat can win ANYWHERE…get out and vote Democrat and rid the Senate and the house of representatives of the Republican infestation

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